3619 East Terrace Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203 Phone: 317.357.9853


IndyDrum conducts business in an environmentally sound and responsible manor, providing recycling and reconditioning services that promote a clean and healthy environment.  We manage and operate responsible empty container management programs promoting the reuse and recycling of industrial containers.  

IDS is committed to maintaining high standards in the reconditioning/recycling of IBC and plastic containers arena. We reprocess non-reconditionable IBC’s and poly Drums into resin, which ultimately ends up as a safe usable product.  

We continually improve our process in an effort to meet or exceed the regulations and rules that govern our industry.  We maintain all necessary city, state and federal permits to legally operate our facility. We operate a wastewater pre-treatment facility which is unrivaled in our industry. We keep a close check on the discharge of all waste streams, meeting, or beating the parameters outlined in our operating permits. Housekeeping is a challenge in our industry, but we maintain our facility in a clean and organized fashion.  

Packaging and technology are frequently changing. We monitor those changes and employ best practices and improve our process whenever possible. 

IndyDrum supports conservation and protecting the environment through reconditioning and recycling industrial containers. Reconditioning is the highest and best use of any container because the raw materials and energy consumed to make the container are not repeated. We were recycling when recycling wasn’t cool! 

If given the opportunity, IndyDrum will work hard to earn your trust and business through quality and service at a fair price. At your request, we would be happy to mail information about our company to you.